I supports leaders’ efforts to maintain their mental health
as they scale their companies to help the world. 

I help founders through coaching, psychedelics, and my own experience. 

I respect the founder seat deeply because I've lived it. I was co-founder and CEO of Chewse, a venture-backed technology company based in San Francisco. We raised $40M in venture capital, scaled to 300 employees across 5 markets, and sold in 2020. I've gotten depressed and burnt out, and I'm here to ensure you don't do this journey alone.
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I'm here to support,
I've been there


"My time working with Tracy has been transformational for our team, company culture, and my role as a leader. She has helped provide clarity, structure, and support as well as the deeper excavation of somatic and inner parts work which has helped me step into my power."

Jing Gao, CEO, Fly By Jing