Our work first involves setting desired outcomes.

We then look at the the beliefs that are blocking you, skillsets that need development, and daily rituals to train your body and mind. 

I'm here to deeply listen, train, and hold you accountable to your desired outcomes. 

I primarily work with Seed to Series C venture-backed company founders and leaders.

Coaching Overview

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  • Deep questions to identify mindset blockers
  • Psychedelic integration 
  • Inner parts work (IFS)
  • Somatic work
  • Shared experience (when relevant)
  • Mindfulness 

All of these are discussed to decide what will best suit your needs and capacity.
  • Manager skillsets (expectation-setting, motivation)
  • Poor boundaries
  • Managing the roller coaster of emotions
  • Inner critic management
  • Guilt for not "doing" enough
  • Imposter syndrome
  • First-time founder issues
  • Co-founder and executive conflict
  • Recruitment and termination
  • Culture (values work, communication, training)

I Use:

Common Issues
I Coach Through:

Stand-alone psychedelic integration to support deeply ingrained mindsets and stress.


Group trainings on manager and leadership skills and culture building.

3x per month, 1-on-1 executive coaching guided by quarterly desired outcomes.


executive Coaching


We are one system: unless past wounds are healed, your personal is present in your professional

Traumatized leaders build traumatizing cultures

Personal boundaries help you build a scalable business

I believe: