I was co-founder and CEO of Chewse, a venture-backed technology company based in San Francisco. I ran the company for 10 years. We raised $40M in venture capital, scaled to 300 employees across 5 markets, and sold in 2020. I was Forbes 30 Under 30 and I'm in YPO. 
I'm now an executive coach and a certified psychedelic integration coach with training in somatic practices and inner parts work. 

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

how i coach

Running my company as a first-time founder was incredibly difficult. I had endless fundraises with tons of rejection, multiple layoffs, where I suffered bouts of depression, burnout, and imposter syndrome. I had to learn how to set boundaries, build community, and prioritize my health. 

After selling my company, I took a 6 month sabbatical to re-group. During this time, I used psychedelic integration and somatic therapy to recover from my time as a founder. And what I've learned I want to share with founders so they don't have to do this journey alone.

My Story:
The Real Stuff

The Real Story

How i coach

"Empathy is Tracy's superpower. Tracy integrated somatic therapy with executive coaching to help me understand my inner self to improve my day-to-day. She helped me create a healthy mindset around entrepreneurship and allowed me to fall back in love with my work
I wholeheartedly recommend her - anyone would be so fortunate to have Tracy as their coach! "


"Tracy has been an empathic cheerleader, thoughtful structure-builder, aggressive goal-driver, and constructive and relentless nag :) She helped frame my goals clearly and pushed me to make the challenging decisions necessary to achieve them. She comes to every conversation and topic with insight, experience, kindness, and encouragement.
I recommend Tracy without reservation to any entrepreneur looking to lead with purpose, clarity, and forward-motion. She's a gem."

"Tracy not only knew how to navigate the complex situations I found myself in as a CEO, but she also knew how to address the emotional toll the job was taking on me, and was an instrumental part in me growing as a conscious leader. I could not have navigated my time as CEO and the eventual sale of my company without Tracy. Finding her was one of the greatest things that could have happened to me. 
I couldn't recommend Tracy enough. She is an incredible asset."

Hanmei Wu, Founder, Empowerly

Marc Bridge, CEO, At Present

Helena Price, CEO, Haus

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