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This is a co-authored post with my friend and fellow coach, Katharine Campbell Hirst. If you enjoy this article, please subscribe to her newsletter here.

I ran a little energy experiment on myself today.

And it’s going to lead to huge growth for my business.

I woke up and told myself that my morning meditation would make me feel creative and end feeling satisfied with my creations.

I set an energetic intention.

And it resulted in me having 3 creative, epic ideas for my business (including running an Instagram Live of vulnerable, unplanned conversations with entrepreneurs who are my friends).

Everything is energy.

The energy you intend springs forth, the energy you bring to your day gets mirrored by others.

Where you focus your attention your energy follows.

The Chinese call it qi, the Hawaiians call it mana. It is the life force that is our source of power and strength. Often it originates from a supernatural dimension or Being.

While it’s a beautiful concept, it’s not meant for us to simply admire. We have the chance to live it.

How do we integrate this idea of energy into our daily lives?

We’re rounding up 5 energy practices to supercharge your work and leadership:

  1. Morning Emotion Boost 
    Start your day by choosing one elevated emotion you want to embody, such as joy, gratitude, inspiration, or empowerment. Take just one minute to close your eyes, recall a memory that evokes this emotion, visualize it, and feel it in your body. Breathe it into your heart. This practice grounds you for the day ahead, like a sturdy tree.
  2. Energizing Interviews
    Before any important conversation or interview, imagine your Highest Self floating above you and the other person’s Highest Self above them. Visualize a handshake and an energetic exchange where both parties agree to use the conversation for the best benefit. This visualization ensures you enter the room with positive, deliberate energy for the best outcome.
  3. Meeting Mindfulness
    Bring positive energy into your team meetings by starting with 30 seconds eyes closed and present. By landing in a space of elevated energy, you can transform the entire conversation.
  4. Energized Sales Emails
    The energy you bring to your work matters, even in something as seemingly mundane as writing sales emails. Get yourself in a mindset where you are fizzing with love for your company and the impact of your work, and only then write the email. When you infuse your words with the excitement and joy you feel, it’s received on the other end.
  5. Fundraising Empowerment
    In the realm of fundraising, embody the energy that your train is leaving the station. You’re not just raising funds; you’re building a rocketship to reach the stars. Always connect with your ‘why’ – the mission that drives you. And when you’re feeling depleted, borrow energy from those who genuinely love your mission, especially your customers.

Above all, find joy in the process of your daily work.

The outcomes will follow.

Thank you Katharine for dancing with me on this journey and sharing your insights!

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